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Australia Cricket World Cup Team

World Cup 2023 – Australia Cricket Team – Prediction and Semi-Finals

Photo Courtesy – Cricket Times

Australian 2023 Cricket Team – The World Champions!


Australian cricket team, they have won the world cup maximum times (that is 5 times) and every world cup they have been a force to reckon with. In this ODI world cup as well, though they are not playing in favorable conditions, but you can take them lightly at your own peril. They have the players and long enough Australian cricket team has been playing horses for courses instead of giving anyone a position in playing eleven due to their previous records or laurels.


Cricket Team
India vs Australia Cricket Team

Photo Courtesy – Cricket Times

Australian Cricket Team – Prediction – World Cup 2023


We should expect Australia to do well in the tournament, but we don’t expect them to reach semi-final stage as they have only one spinner in the rank who we can term as someone who can cause trouble as far as spin is concerned, also too many all-rounders in their team limits the skill set to counter spin bowling. They will be in hunt but won’t be able to make the knockout stages. However, they are perfectly capable of ruining someone’s party.



Australian Cricket Team – Performance – World Cup 2023


We expect Australia to win 4 out of their 9 matches in the World Cup 2023, teams like Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan but don’t expect them to win the matches against other top teams. As they have better bowling attack plus their batsman (all-rounders) might struggle against

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